Deleted Scenes


I started to scrap all these scenes but then I thought maybe the readers would be interested in reading my rough draft scenes in the back. So Enjoy!

-LaSasha Flame



The next morning I awake to find that everything is pitch black. Terrified by this, I inch my fingers along the wall, feeling for the difference in texture so I have some inkling where the door is, at least. The last thing I need is  for Master Ben or Mistress Jána to slam the door open and make contact with some part of my body. My head aches slightly, and it is cooler than usual in the room. I wonder what I have done to deserve this newfound punishment and pull my knees to my chest once I figure out where the door is. 

I press my back into the wall and close my eyes tightly, wishing I hadn’t woke up. I’ve had nightmares the night before but anything was better than sitting in a black room. It’s moments like this that make me doubt whether I really like the life I was living. I miss Derrick terribly, and the conversation that Master Ben and Carson had the night before comes floating back through my mind. What was all the uninvited emotional disruptions lately? I remember how the two of them argued and wonder if Carson would ever come back. 

My thoughts are interrupted when the door did exactly what I’d imagined it do, swinging open and hitting me hard in the left thigh.

“Ouch!” I cry out, the only light in the room filtering through the door. A large and looming shadow casts itself out before my feet, and I know without looking up who is standing in the doorway.

“Get up. Now!” he shouts, his voice deep and lined with an annoyed tone. I don’t waste any time, jumping to my feet instantly. My eyes are like slits as I squint at the door, the light near blinding me as I peer at him.

“Yes sir,” I say, glancing toward the ground. The tips of his well-polished boots put my suspicions to rest. It is all the confirmation I need to know it is Master Ben.

“Did you enjoy your dark moment?” he asks, a sinister chuckle emitting him as he spoke, “Or do you need some time in a real hole to learn my rules?” I’m sure what to say. I know if I say no, I’ll get more of the same. And I know if I say yes he will smack the taste right out of my mouth. I am in a hell of a dilemma. He steps forward and grabs me by the chin, his fingernails biting into my flesh as he forces me to look back at him, “Did you hear me, Caroline? I asked you a fucking question.” He sneers.

“Yes, I mean, yes sir, I heard you,” I mutter. He tightens his grip and pulls my face closer to his. “Then why didn’t you answer me?” he snaps, the heat of his breath fanning out over my face as he speaks . I am disgusted but I dare not show it. 

“Have you found me a new owner?” I ask, hoping to distract him. He scoffs and releases my face, stepping back and shouting out the door.

“Hit the lights! I can’t see a fucking thing in here!” he bellows. Moments later, the lights in the room come on, and I bury my head in my hands to avoiding the blinding brightness in the room. Master Ben puts his finger under his chin and begins to encircle me,. “Caroline, I told you,” he whispers in Spanish something that sounds like a term of endearment, but I have no way to know for sure, “You meant more to me than words can describe. You earned punishment for being a whore.” He chuckles, dropping his hand from his chin. “What makes you think anyone could ever have enough to pay for the price you’re worth to me?” 

“I just thought…” I trail my words, trying to come up what to say next.

“You just thought what? What did you think, Caroline?” he asks, stepping forward and grabbing both of my wrists, which he pulls over my head, backing me into the wall as he walks forward. “Did you think I was done with you? Did you think I wouldn’t ensure I got all my own proper play from you before I sent you off as a used item for some other bastard to enjoy?” He lowers his lips to mine, biting them violently as he forces his tongue past my own. I don’t struggle, though I do wince against his lips as he kisses them. He releases one of my wrists, but slaps it, indicating I’m not to move it from its position. Like an invisible bind had been placed against my skin, my wrist is meant to stay right where it is. 

“I’m sorry…” I mumble when his lips finally released mine. Am I sorry? I don’t know. But I know I’d do anything to keep him from being angry with me. I want my punishment to end. Whatever it takes , and Master Ben has the ability to make it continue, on and on and on. Master Ben grins. 

“What are you sorry for, Caroline?” he asks, as if testing my knowledge. Have I actually learned my lesson?

“I am sorry for disappearing with another man,” I whimper. It’s what he wants to hear, though inside I’m screaming at myself for saying it.

“Is that all?” he asks. I feel a sudden freezing in my chest, like my heart has instantly quit beating. 

“I’m sorry for disrespecting you, Master Ben,” I say somberly. The one hand that he still holds enclosed around my wrist tightens and he pulls me back from the wall with a quick tug toward his chest. Losing my balance, I stumble forward, Master’s Ben’s arms wrapping around me.

“Do you know what I do to bad girls?” he asks, his breath once again hot against my neck. I exhale slowly.

“Yes,” I whisper. I don’t want to be a bad girl. I want to be a prized girl. Problem is, I don’t want to be his prized girl. He seems happy with my response, but I know better. Being the great actor he is, he has the ability to flip on a dime. I don’t want to be that dime today.

“Are you hungry?” he asks me suddenly. I’m surprised by this question and don’t know if he’s referring to real food or not.

“A little,” I say. He had long ago taught me that honesty was the best policy, but I knew that was up to interpretation.

“What are you hungry for, Caroline?” he asks me, his lips laying against my throat tenderly as he trails them down toward my clavicle.

“Whatever Master provides,” I mutter, the sensations of his kisses cause me to feel light-headed. As much as I hate it, Master Ben’s overwhelming dominance is turning me on.

“Ah,” he chuckles, suddenly biting my neck violently, to the point that I yelp and feel my muscle shudder from the injury. “Hold it, and don’t you cry,” he commands as soon as his teeth released my flesh. “What if I want to eat you instead?” He nips at my neck again as one hand begins to slide across my stomach, inching closer to the apex of my thighs. I suck in a breath, though he terrifies me in so many ways, this sort of thrilling intimacy has been denied me for far too long. I am reeling in it like a drug.

“Master does what Master wishes. I obey,” I say, anxious to see what will happen next.

“Oh,” he groans, suddenly thrusting me forward toward the wall in front of me. My chest hits it so hard I feel my breath jar from my chest and wince in pain. “Strip off everything. NOW!” he bellows at me. What the hell? One minute everything is fine and the next I’m being demeaned all over again. It’s almost as if he were angry that I found any pleasure in it. I stumble to turn around and began stripping off the few particles of clothing I have been afforded. It’s always a known fact that when a Master demands the clothing he paid for, you give it. Or else you got it torn from you, and that was something I never wanted to endure. I toss the items at Master Ben’s feet and flatten my back against the wall.

“Yes, sir,” I mutter, not daring to look up at him.  He lifts the clothing from the floor and sneers at me, walking past me and slamming the door behind him. Moments later, the lights go black again and the creeping cold begins to seep into my skin. What a sin I must have done because no matter how hard I try, I never pleased him. Nothing ever works. As if Master Ben there was absolutely no way for my redemption. His only true pleasure seems to rest in extracting pain from me, any way possible


Just when I think my humiliation might finally end, I have been literally stripped of all basic human treatments. I’m still not allowed to bathe in the bathroom. Hose-downs are my primary means of cleansing. And never without water that doesn’t send chills straight through your muscles to the very marrow of your bones. 

The diet I’ve been restricted to is already causing me to lose weight, and the boniness of my ribcage pokes out slightly though I am still shapely considering. Not that it matters. Master Ben seems to hate the very sight of me, and keeping me under lock and key is his primary concern. It has been about an hour, maybe two, since he bit my lip so hard that he drew blood. I run my tongue across the cut in my lip recalling how strange he behaved toward me. The door suddenly opens, but nobody stands there. The clicking of the public announcement speaker startles me as a familiar voice come over.

“Step out of the room. Walk down the hall, the same way Mistress Jána would lead you when going to shower,” Master Ben orders. 

I shudder but proceeded to walk out the exit. I know what’s going to happen next. Hose down time again! God, I hate this! I walk down the hall toward the exit, and Master Ben comes over the PA again. 

“Now, go out the door and stand on the patio,” he orders. I open the door and head out to stand on the patio. Nobody else is anywhere to be seen and that makes me feel a sudden surge of terror plunging into my heart. What is he going to do to me next? Moments later, Master Ben emerges from the house, walking toward me with a grin. I’m sure I’m happy to see him grinning though. “Do you know what time it is, Caroline?” he asks me. 

I shake my head. “No, sir.”

“Just as I thought; a rotten useless whore wouldn’t know what she needs, would she?”

He grabs me by the left wrist and begins dragging me toward the hose and spigot and any doubts I’d had dissipate instantly. Seconds later, Master Ben throws me to the ground, lifting the hose and turning the faucet full blast, and aiming it at me. The water strikes me in the face first, and I clutch my eyes tightly closed to avoid the stinging in them. I cover my face with my hands and kneel down to the ground. Master Ben walks around me and barks at my movements. 

“Is that what I said to do? No!” He bends down and pulls my legs out from under me. “Part your legs, spread eagle now!” he bellows.

 I do as he orders instantly, rolling to my back and parting my legs widely. He grins, drawing the hose down my body, the trickling cold water causing my nipples to harden instantly. This seems to satisfy him, however, and he moves the stream from one breast to the other before drawing it down over my belly button, which he fills water before he slides his thumb over the steam to change the flow, making it more powerful as he draws it down over my labia. He kneels down then, pushing my legs apart, his business slacks soaked instantly from the spray down on the grass, he aims the hose right at my clitoris.

“Ah,” I cry out, the icy water causing the fleshy bump to harden. 

He slides a finger up to splay me apart, inspecting me. “You can never be too careful about what you eat or fuck, Caroline. And I hear that lately you’ve been on the doggy-end of things. I can’t have rotten ass in my harem.” He chuckles again, “And while some things can look appealing,” he suddenly slaps my clit hard and I suck in my lip at the sting, “That doesn’t mean they’re not filthy and germ-infested.” 

He makes a retching sound, as if he is about to vomit and I feel the tears already begging to be released. “You’re nothing to any of us but a carpet upon which we can wipe our feet. Just like when you were used as a piss-whore, you’re a receptacle for bodily fluids. A fucking toilet,” he spits on me as he finishes speaking, “I can’t believe I ever found you desirable. You’re nothing more than a common prostitute, you should be walking the street!” he growls. 

Seconds later, he crawls atop me, his hand wrapping around my throat as he draws my face upward and pressed his lips to mine. “I hate everything you stand for, Caroline, but for now you still remain mine, and I promise you nothing Mistress Jána did will ever compare to what I am capable of.” A dark glint fills his eyes and I gulp weakly against his palm. 

It wouldn’t take much more pressure to knock me out cold, but what scares me the most is knowing he has perfected the skill so well; he’s holding me here, by a fragment of air, just barely breathing and he is in full control. I remember that old saying, the one to be careful what you wish for, because while I thought Carson was the Blue-Eyed Devil, Master Ben is the cold darkness I hadn’t expected. 

I am stuck under the command of this dominant and making him happy seems to be my only hope for any sort of release. He rises and leans down to lift a bar of soap, tossing it at me and  hitting me directly in the chin,. “Wash up, like a good show bitch, your job is far from done.” 

And with that, he drops the hose and walks away, leaving me to clean myself in the yard like a common dog, a whore.



I do my best to scrub my body down, hoping that cleaning off the sins Master Ben had accused me of and making my body more presentable might make him take pride in me again. I wonder if he will allow anyone to reserve play time with me again, but know full well it won’t be Carson. I can’t let him know how I actually feel about Derrick because if I do, I know that he will incorporate my feelings for him into his bizarre punishments. At this point, I just want to be afforded eating regular food again; I can endure the outside showers. It’s still warm enough. 

Oh no ... what if he continues to make me do these sort of showers well into the winter months? Would he keep me that long? I have a million questions. All of which I know will go unanswered. I don’t dare to question him anymore, I  learned weeks back not to do that. The swelling against my face from his slaps took weeks to go away. I can almost still feel the radiating pain as it laced against my face from when I’d be caught. It seems like a lifetime ago now. 

How long will he continue to make me endure all these punishments before he finally allows me some rewards? It’s like he wants to break everything inside of me down. And the words he said to me before spitting on me were almost the straw that broke the camel’s back. Almost. I still harbor hope that I can overcome this and become the slave that Master Ben wants, just like the other girls. I envy the fact they get to be treated like people and I always get treated like dirt. Why can’t Derrick just make an offer for me? Why is he afraid to? Or is what Master Ben said about me true? Am I nothing more than a common prostitute? 

“Are you finished?” Master Ben asks me, startling me as I’m rinsing my back off for what seems like the eighth or ninth time.

“If Master deems me to be,” I say , turning to look at him and keeping the hose aimed on my shoulder. He walks forward.

“I think you’ve been out here long enough,” he says, taking the hose and reaching forward to cut off the spigot. “It’s time for you to go get ready.” I wonder what he wants me to get ready for but I’m happy to hear I’ll likely be getting more clothes. Thank the gods! I might actually be able to sleep warmly tonight. I can only hope. 

“Yes, Master Ben,” I say, keeping my tone as neutral and submissive as possible. Any time out of the isolation chamber and out the others is welcomed and I don’t want to do anything to mess that up. He follows behind me closely, and I can almost feel his eyes burning into my ass as he stares at it.

“You’re losing weight, and not in the right places,” he states, matter-of-factly. Once again, the sting of his words plunges into my chest, another arrow to my pride and self-esteem. Another notch on his belt of conquests, I suppose. 

“I’ve not been eating too well,” I confess.

“Don’t you like your special feast, my little bitch?” he asks, pressing his hand into the center of my back to push me through the doorway. I step forward and shake my head.

“No, sir, I eat what is given to me. My body, however, doesn’t seem to be reacting too well to it.” I figure if I blame malnourishment he can’t blame me for it. After all, how much control can I have over my body’s reaction to eating food that was meant for the canine persuasion? But to tell Master Ben I’d been refusing the kibble, well that was just about a death sentence. 

“Hmm, well maybe we should give you a little something more substantial tonight,” he states. This is a relief to me but I’m not about to count my eggs before they hatch. Not when it comes to the major mood swings that Master Ben has lately reflected. Mostly to me. Mostly because of me. 

“I would appreciate Master Ben’s kindness, if he is gracious enough to provide me something else to eat,” I admit. He wants to be treated with respect, right? Maybe being a sweeter girl will afford me some brownie points? I certainly hope so.

“Good, then I will have them bring you some food after you finish getting ready for the party tonight,” he says. Another party? I wonder if I’ll be dressed in the same pasties I had been before. So much for being warmer tonight. “Are you ready to be a good girl and do exactly what I say?” he asks me. 

“Yes, Master Ben, I have learned my lessons about being difficult.” Go along with whatever he says, I think. Avoid the isolation chamber. Show gratitude. Be a good girl. I remind myself as if they are jotted down notes that I’ve written on my palm for a high school test I’m afraid to fail. Only this isn’t high school, and the test is more than a score I need; it’s the acceptance I craved.

“Good, let this be a hard lesson learned, Caroline. You’re a worthless bitch. I am your Master. Without me you starve, do you understand?” 

I nod. Understanding is just the beginning of the word. This is my life now. This is my sentence. 


I wake up the next day, and instinctively, things feel different. It may have been the fact that I had gotten to eat human food the night before. No kibble. Nothing special. I had been given some plain chicken in the dog bowl, but it was an improvement; one my stomach had much appreciated. But, no, it is more than that. It’s that feeling you get in your gut when you don’t know what it means just…something. 

I’m still by myself, in my room alone the four walls I’ve been confined to other than the play dates that have been granted to so many sick men, men as sick as I had learned Master Ben is. That was different too. The fact that I knew he was a bad man. A bad Master. I will please him for my freedom, for the end of my sentence, but not because I want to please him anymore. Maybe what’s different was me. 

But part of me is scared as well as hopeful. There’s still a chance I’ll be sold. I keep hearing Master Ben's words, how I’m worthless, how we submissives are lesser. I don’t know how long until he will tire of making me pay for my disrespect, but one day he will. He’ll get a new sub, and he really will sell me. Maybe that will be soon. But what if it is a man worse than Master Ben? Since he has turned down Master Carson who wanted me... not that I want him, but he at least had some sense of care. But maybe there is someone even worse and more twisted than the Blue-Eyed Devil himself. 





"Time to go," Jána says suddenly, pulling one last thing out of the makeup bag. I stare down at the red blindfold and know I am in for something. I’m guessing I won’t not be allowed to see the man that wants me just yet. 

Mistress Jána slips it over my eyes, and the world goes dark. I feel her hand grab my wrist as she begins to lead me through the house, being more careful than she usually would, most likely because she is under strict orders as well about my appearance. A smack to my face would likely get her in some trouble.

I feel myself being pushed down suddenly, and below me, I can feel something silky and soft. As I’m positioned, I realize I’m in a bed. I can feel Jána messing with my feet, my legs spread as I lay down on the soft surface. I feel a weight against me and try to move my legs and realize I must have had a spreader bar put on to keep them open. 

“He is coming. You will please him. Keep your legs apart and in the air, so he can do what he will with you,” Mistress Jána orders, and then I feel her presence drifting before I hear the sound of a closing door. 

“Hello?” I say into the darkness, or at least what I perceive to be darkness behind my blindfold. I don’t dare take it off. I don’t dare do anything to anger the man I am supposed to please because I need Master Ben to set me free. 

“Shhhh.” The sound comes from closer to me than I expect, and I shudder for a moment as a hot breath trickles down the side of my neck. I feel the bed shift with the weight of the man who’s  entered the room, and my breath catches in my throat. I don’t know this man. I don’t know if he will hurt me, what kind of things he likes. I don’t know anything. 

Before I know it, his hands ae on me, and I let him have his way with me. But as he slides his cock inside of me, there is something familiar about his grunt, about his weight on top of me, his size. I get the feeling I’ve met this man before. I can’t quite place him, but he has to be one of the men who I’ve been with in the past. But there is no pain, no torture. In fact, I feel relieved as my legs begin to shake, threatening to come down from their upright position. He is going to let me orgasm. Whoever this man is , he is no Master Ben and in a good way. 



After a through whipping, Carson straps me to the vibrating device yet again and I lull my head to the side, my eyes closing as I feel my body tense and release in mere moments. All the pain-laced forced ecstasy is overwhelming and I feel exhausted by the time the next wave of orgasm shudder throughout my body. The tremors are pleasurable and painful at the same time, leaving me gasping for breath by the time I come down from the euphoria. 

“You’re tired,” Master Carson states, releasing the bonds and lifting me into his arms. 

He cradles me against his chest, and I collapse against him, spent from all of the night’s chores. He carries me to the isolation room and opens the door, settling me against the mattress as he curls up next to me, pulling me against his hard body. 

I’ve heard about this treatment—aftercare—where a Dominant is compassionate and nurturing, but I’ve never experienced it. I’m shocked but in my exhaustion, I don’t really notice the gestures he’s made. Carson lays on the dingy mattress with me wrapped in his arms, stroking my hair. I can feel his hard-on pressing against my side. His hand slides down my body from my hair to my thigh. He draped’s my thigh across him so that my core is open and exposed for easier access. 

Ugh, great! Carson is going to try and fuck me. 

I don’t have the strength to fight him off. If I’m honest, I don’t want to fight him off because I’m starved for attention. Being held even while he’s grinding between my legs makes me feel less alone in the dungeon. He moans, pressing harder into me, gliding his cock between my lips. I help him by moving my hips and his groans deepen.

“I am not suppose to fuck you but damn you are making it harder and harder for me to resist. I need you, Caroline. You are going to be mine forever but for now, just the tip.” 

Carson lines his cock up with my opening, pushing the tip of his dick inside me. His moans increase while he does shallow pumps. Exactly eight shallow pumps before he pulls aways and cums on himself as his hand strokes his cock. 

Well, that didn’t last long, Quick Shot Devil.

The door of the isolation room slams open and through slits, I see a tall shadow cascade across the floor. 

“What the hell are you doing?” Master Ben barks at Carson. 

When did Ben get back? Carson stands.

“I was just cuddling her,” he answers.


I swallowed my last bite and got up, stomping my way through the house buck naked until I reached the living room, the main area of the house. If I had been angry before, I was even more livid now as I stared down the red busty bitch from that damn party that was the beginning of the end for me lounging on the couch Master Ben. Was he taking her on as a sub now? Had he already? I had been replaced.

“leave us,” he told the bitch, and she scampered away, not even looking in my direction. 

"Master Ben," I said, not even recognizing my own voice. The good girl was gone, and part of me was scared of what that meant for the future. "You have treated me horribly, put me through horrible punishments for far too long, and abused me. You were abusing me even before that, and I didn’t even know it. I have always been good to you, and still, you bring more women into it, more subs. You say I am your favorite, but I am never enough, and now you mean to sell me to a man I am not even allowed to see?" I ranted, my cheeks growing hot my angry tirade. I should have cared what he would do to me next over this, over stepping out of my bounds and my station him, but at that moment, I just didn't. I wanted him to know he was wrong and I was hurt.

“This is not the time, as you can see I am entertaining company. It is not up to you who I take as a sub and when. You are my sub. I am the dom. You respect and do what I say. I thought being treated like the bitch whore you acted like would get your head straight. Was I wrong?” he asked me, his eyes flashing dangerously at me. 

"You raised me. You took my virginity. You were the only man I ever knew or loved. You always said I was your favorite. I think it is my business. You never once said you loved me, and then you turned on me the minute this busty bitch strolled in and started shaking her shit in your face! I knew you were my dom and that it was my job to please you, but I never knew you could be so cruel," I said in a final gasp as if I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs. I was choking on all of the awful things I had felt over the years. 

Ben stood up, and I could see that side of him again, the same side I saw the last time he dared to come to see me, to touch me at all. He was angry, and his fist was clenched at his side. 

He stormed at me, and for some reason, I stood my ground instead of running from it. I didn’t know if it was because I deserved what was coming or because I didn’t want him to know I was afraid of him. I wanted to defy him in every way. But as his hand came up to hit me, I felt my stomach drop to the ground. I would have never thought he'd do that. 

"Ben?" Both of us turned at the same time at the voice to see a questioning and stern man who had just entered the room, and I was shocked to see a familiar face. Two of them actually, but only one of them was welcome. I still despised the woman the long, dark hair, the woman that took the spot next to the man that I wanted. 

"We had a deal. Why would disrespect me like this?" Derrick asked those his eyes flashed to me for just am second. So, he was the one trying to buy me? My heart was beating so hard and fast in my chest, I was sure everyone in the room could hear it, especially Ava, the tiny bitch that always clung to Derrick like they had a symbiotic relationship. Even though he didn’t look at her the same way she did at him, I was still filled jealousy to see them together. "She is not your territory to mark now," Derrick threatened more angrily. "And that is not how subs are treated."

My eyes turned to Derrick, and I just stared at him. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t dare look back at Master Ben because I was afraid what I might see there. He never did know who I cheated with,m what other dom took me that night, but I had a feeling by the way we were all looking at each other it was about to become obvious. I could almost hear the gears turning in his head in the thick silence that rose between us. It was sickening, waiting for someone else to speak, waiting for Master Ben to deliver the final blow whether toi be physical or emotional.

I didn't know what Ben would do if he found out he had been played for a fool. Because that was exactly what Derrick was up to, I could guess. He was trying to get me because he wanted me because he had me once already. But I didn’t think that was going over very well Ava as I felt her eyes on me still even though I didn’t look at her. 

I felt my arm being grabbed, and that is when I turned to see Mistress Jána grabbing me, a frown on her face. "Time for the bitch to go back up. She is causing too much trouble," she said, and I let my mouth gape open. So, I was set free just to be pout back away the moment the man who wanted to purchase me had come for me?

"Leave her," Derrick said authority, a very believable dom at the moment, and it made me shudder all over. "She stays."

Now, Master Ben was looking at me, a devious sneer on his face even as he addressed Derrick. he was being so disrespectful. How the community put up his behavior if he was always like this, I couldn't have imagined.

"I have decided that I am not going to sell my bitch of a whore," he seethed, and I trembled at that, knowing I was in trouble if he was using those words again. I would never catch a break him no matter what I did. All I could do was hope that Derrick could still find a way to get me out of her. "Not without a replacement." I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at that addition. 

Master Ben finally turned his eyes on Derrick, setting his shoulders like the dominant male he fancied himself to be. "Get me, Samantha. You will barter for her and pay for her. You will bring her here. She was at your party, and I enjoyed her." I rolled my eyes. That damn red busty bitch that was just in the house. he basically had her already. "Bring your payment you, and the bitch is yours. But if you do not get me, Samantha, to own, then this bitch's price triples and she will be strapped down and fucked by 10 of my very rough friends before I had her over to you." 

His voice was pure evil, but I tried not to react and get into any more trouble. I couldn’t have that, and my eyes pleaded Derrick, hoping he would save me from this.

I could see Derrick's anger rising. I was afraid for a moment he might make a move against Master Ben. But then he clenched his jaw and gave a warning. "If she is touched by anyone but me..."

Master Ben immediately interrupted him. "Until I give her up, she is still mine. be grateful I didn't ask to fuck your sweet little Ava as payment. After all, you do owe me, right? your tendency to fuck other people's property and all." I felt my whole body grow hot in a panic as I realized he knew. We had given ourselves away, and now he knew that it was Derrick I had allowed to touch me at that party. It had been held at Derrick’s club anyway, so how he didn’t figure it out before, i wasn't sure. Being cruel didn’t make you smart, I guessed. 

Derrick nodded, his jaw still tight, and turned on his heel to walk away. I had never felt so alone in my life.



I spent the next two nights in confinement again, but it wasn’t as bad as before. There were no dog baths or dog bowls. I wasn’t given anything gourmet to eat, but I was allowed real food. It still wasn’t the life I wanted, and I would be willing to bet the life anyone wanted, but it was as much as an improvement as I could hope for unless or until Derrick showed up. 

The door slammed open, and I gasped, jumping towards the wall before frowning at Jána as I stared back at her sickeningly familiar face. I bet she was sick of seeing me by now too, but she would stay loyal to the orders of both doms. I was sure of that. It kept her from being like me, in my situation, and I couldn’t necessarily blame her for that. 

Some lingerie was thrown at me, red just like the lingering paint on my nails, and I quickly slipped it on before I was practically dragged out of the room and back to the main part of the house. I had a suspicion that I knew why, and sure enough, Derrick was standing in the living room again, and this time he had a different woman him. Instead of Ava on his arm, it was Samantha, and as much as I couldn’t stand her and all the pain meeting her stood for, she would be my savior at the moment. 

"I have done what you asked and brought Samantha to you. It is time to cut a deal and sell me, Caroline," Derrick said firmly, slowly pushing Samantha forward.

"You seriously brought me to sell me to him?" Samantha asked incredulously. "It became entirely clear from the last time I was here and what I have heard from others that Master Ben is not a true dom. He is some sick phony. I am sorry, but I can't play this game if he is involved, Master Derrick," she said, walking away. 

If Derrick had been anything like Master Ben, he would have gone to get her and drug her back by her hair, kicking and screaming the whole way. But he was not like that. That was one of the many reasons it was him I wanted to be with. Him I wanted to buy me. Maybe I would have to share him Ava. Maybe I would still be a sub. But I would be his sub, and I didn’t think Derrick was ever capable of hurting me like that.

"What the fuck do you have to say for yourself? So, now you not only have touched property that isn’t yours but now you have made a mockery of our deal,"Master Ben screeched before turning to Mistress Jána.

"I want her strapped down to the dining room table her legs spread and ready," he ordered. I looked to Jána pleading eyes. Surely, she couldn't let this happen no matter who she was loyal to or why, could she? It was too far. 

I wanted to run to Derrick’s arms and beg him to take me away and screw the consequences, but just before I did, Master Carson appeared out of nowhere. In his hand was a heavy vase, and he knocked Derrick over the head as my hand flew to my mouth in shock and fear. There was no savior for me left, not unless Master Ben changed his mind and turned a corner. 

I was dragged to the table, and Master Carson came to help his sub tie me down as Ben looked on, but not touching me himself.

I struggled as tears began to blur my vision. Carson walked away, the job almost done, and dragged Derrick's body out of the house, onto the lawn, the same lawn where I had endured all the humiliation at the hands of Mistress Lana and Master Ben. "Please, don’t do this to me," I begged, my last means of getting out of this mess, though my hope was fading quickly. I didn’t want to be used up by all of his friends. I knew there were worse ones even than Master Carson, and I was scared.

Master approached me, but I could barely make out his face through my desperate tears. It was probably "You were special to me," he said in a quiet and devious tone. "You meant the world to me, Caroline, and then you betrayed me. I felt like I never knew you. Like I had never raised you to be my perfect favorite sub. You were so much more than all the rest. You let me down. You deserve every bit of what you're going to get here and more."

I heard the unzipping of his pants and the thud they made as they hit the floor. My body was so used to him, I felt its betrayal as it moistened, but my heart and mind were screaming. I knew for a fact he did not mean to please me in any way. He wanted to pay me back for what I had done to him. 

"I need to punish you to make my pain stop," he gruffed out as he climbed over me, his cock shoving straight inside me no gentleness, no sexual desire at all. It was all pain and power. 

His hands wrapped around my neck as he pounded into me, and I could feel him crushing the tissue there. I would likely lose my voice for a few days, if not worse. Struggling was pointless.

"When I am done you, you will become Carson's. Then your outsides will be as shredded and ugly as you have made my insides," he seethed as he grunted and picked up his pace, slamming into my cervix. 

I was in so much pain I hadn't noticed any noise or him approaching, but suddenly Ben was ripped from me. I screamed out at the stinging it caused, but as I blinked away the water clouding my vision, I could see it was Derick. He had been able to come out of it and come back for me. 

I was certain Derrick would be victorious until Carson came and joined the fight.

Two against one was not good odds.

But despite his size, the blue eyes devil himself seemed rather weak, and he went down easily, a bloody nose and plenty of bruises, not able to find the strength to fight again. But Master Ben, he looked like no injury was going to keep him from doing his evil deeds.

I had never wanted more badly to reach some higher powers and make sure Derrick won this and got me out of there.

I watched helplessly as Derrick tackled Ben to the ground, much like a football player, even as Ben kicked and tore and even bit at Derrick like a rabid animal. This was not the master I knew, and it made me sick to know this was lying dormant in him the whole time. 

In a split second, Derrick pulled out a knife, and it was all over. Master Ben was gone and Derrick was untying me. I didn’t give any thoughts to the scene before me as Derrick asked me to come him. All I could think about was Carson on the floor still alive and all the women, the subs that Master Ben kept that would likely end up him instead.

"Derrick, please free the other subs," I begged of him. He looked into my eyes, frozen for a moment, and then nodded. I ran him, unchaining, unhooking, and unlocking all the other subs in various states of imprisonment and letting them know to get out, find a master they wanted or leave the community entirely if they wanted but to never come back to master Ben or any of his friends. 

As we were approaching the last two, Mistress Jána appeared, a tough bitch ready to fight. I was still in no state to do such a thing, and I watched as Derick fought her ultimately leaving her unconscious as well. It was all over, for good or bad.





I ignored him, my only thoughts were of Caroline, and the position I had put her in. Should Ben discover it was I that took his submissive at the party, I could only imagine what he’d do to her. Auctioning her might not seem a high enough punishment then. I could only pray Ava would do as I asked.

As I climbed into my car, I attempted to formulate exactly what it was I would say. How could I convince her to help me? I had done nothing to earn this favor, but it was one I had to ask for. I loved Caroline, I knew that now. I couldn’t imagine spending what may end up as my last few days on this earth without her.

Even if I didn’t have her, I couldn’t allow Carson to either. She would be in utter torment beneath his roof, of that I was sure. Who knew how many children they would force her to have before snatching them away the moment they left her body? I had to spare her from that fate—somehow.

Before I knew it, I found myself parked in front of Ava’s building. I hesitated before climbing out of my car. She lived on the second floor. I took the stairs, still unsure of what to say to the woman I had so utterly betrayed. Suddenly, I was in front of her door. I lifted a hand, knocking on the wood.

It took her a minute to answer. Her eyes widened in utter shock, lips parting in disbelief that I dared to stand in front of her after what I had done. “Ava. I need your help.”

Her disbelief turned to anger, “You have some fucking nerve, coming here like this!” She snarled.

“I know. I know I have no business asking this of you but... I need your help to save Caroline.”

“Who?” she asks. I didn’t answer. It took only a moment for the name to register. She went to slam the door in my face. My palm hit wood, “Get out. Get the fuck out,” she screamed, fighting against me to close the door. I didn’t allow it.

“Ava. I’m begging you.” The phrase caused her a moment of pause, “In all the years you have known me, have you ever heard me say those words?”

She shook her head. “No, I haven’t.”

I fell to my knees, “I love her, Ava. I know it isn’t fair to say these words to you, not after everything, but fuck, I love her. Someone close to Ben knows that it was I that took her that night. I fear for her life, Ava. I fear that I might lose her. You are the only one that can help me.”

She considered my request, her face falling in a look of defeat. “What do you need me to do?”

I rose, “I need you to confirm that I was with you the entire night, that I never left your side. Is... Is that something you can do?”

“Master Ben is no fool,” Ava warned, “If he sees through my lies... you’re putting me in danger as well, Derrick. Are you so willing to exchange my safety for Caroline’s?”

“Yes,” I said, immediately regretting the words. Her face fell. I had betrayed her yet again, but it was something that couldn’t be helped.

“I love you, you know?” Ava sighed, stepping back to allow me entrance.

“I know. I only wish I could’ve loved you back. But I couldn’t lie, Ava. I respected you too much to tell you something that just wasn’t the truth.”

She smiled sadly, “I know. I knew you didn’t love me the way I loved you. I convinced myself that if I gave enough, if I said the right things, eventually you would. But I know now that we were never to be. I’ll help you, Derrick. But this is the last time. After this, I don’t want to hear from you again, understand?”

I smiled, pulling her into a hug, “Agreed. I cannot thank you enough.”

“Thank you. So... what’s the plan?”





I wandered deeper into the fun, taking in the sights. Many of my guests were taking full advantage of the private rooms that had been set up. Others were publicly taking part in one another. 

One dominant had placed his submissive atop a table, strapping her down so she was unable to move. He plowed into her, her moans of delight flooding my senses. It was here that I lay eyes on the little minx in red once again.

Settled on a red floor cushion, her eyes watched the unfolding scene with delight. She appeared to be enjoying the scene, her hand disappearing between her legs. She offered a soft moan, drawing the other dominant’s attention. He appreciated the audience, driving harder into his willing partner. I stood there a moment, cloaked in shadow, watching the way her cheeks flushed, the way her lips parted in sweet ecstasy.

 I knew in that moment, I had to make her mine. Fuck the rules. My body ached so viciously, it was almost painful. Her body would be the only thing to ease my pain, to sate the hunger that ripped through my flesh. We would have to be careful. I couldn’t have Ava see me take her. It would break her. A flash of guilt entered my gut, hitting me like a fist. Oh, my poor Ava. It would utterly destroy her to know I had been with another.

But I couldn’t help myself. Pushing away from the wall I currently leaned against, I made my approach.



I was escorted from the house.  I stood just outside for a moment, rage boiling within my chest. I fully intended to bid on Caroline. I could afford it, being quite wealthy in my own right. Unlike Ben, however, I didn’t use said wealth to take advantage of people.

I lived a rather modest life, careful of overspending or drawing too much attention to myself. Gazing back towards the house, I grimaced. I should report him, I knew that deep down. But what would that accomplish? I would still be without Caroline. And a man like him undoubtedly had connections everywhere.

There was no telling what horrors he would inflict upon Caroline before the police arrived to take him into custody. And without proof, or an eyewitness, the police weren’t just going to take me at my word.

Ben held such control over the women in his house. I doubted they even realized what a sadistic monster he was. They were probably brainwashed to believe he actually gave a damn about them. Striding from the porch, I climbed into my car. I drove eighty the entire ride home. One thing was for certain—despite Samantha’s reputation for being a whore, even she deserved better than whatever Ben was offering. He wouldn’t get her name from me.

That being said, I decided to offer a call to a Dominant I knew could put me in contact with her. My desire was to warn her of Ben, should he find her before I did. The Dom spoke highly of Samantha but also said she had no interest in Ben. The girl had seen him strike one of his submissives, something that put her off him in the very same way it did me.

I breathed a sigh of relief but only for a moment. It dawned on me that the submissive he had put hands on had to be Caroline. She was the only one of his submissives present that night. I couldn’t wait to smash his teeth in. The thought of him touching Caroline in any manner caused my gut to coil. It wasn’t long before I found myself bent over the toilet, vomiting the contents within the porcelain bowl.

“Just hold on a bit longer, Caroline.” I whispered as I stood. I stared into the mirror, “You won’t have to suffer much longer. I’m coming for you. You’ll be free. I promise you that.”



Departing that mansion of horrors, I slid into my car. I sat there a moment, eyes boring into my dashboard. The wheels in my brain begin to click. I was wealthy man, perhaps not as wealthy as Ben, but I had more than enough to win this bloody auction. Or at least, that was what I prayed for. I didn’t know all the players in the game, so there was no guarantee that there wasn’t at least one other person with the resources to outbid me.

         Staring my car, I began to long trip home. There was one other thing to do before the party. I had to do the right thing and, instead of simply avoiding her, I had to make my intentions quite clear to Ava. It wasn’t fair to keep her clinging to hope that simply wasn’t there. I’d betrayed her trust and, now I had to break her heart.

         The moment I drove up to my building, I knew she was there. I could see her from my parking spot. She bounced on her heels beside the front entrance, back facing me, as she argued with the doorman. I had given him instructions she wasn’t allowed in unless I was there. He knew her face, but not her intent. He thought she was a disgruntled ex-lover who just couldn’t let go. I mean, that was right, of course, but he didn’t know the rest of the story.

         Sighing, I climbed from my car. “Ava,” I called out, announcing my arrival. She swiveled, eyes widening as I strolled towards her. Her lips opened to speak. I shot her a warning glance. Her jaw instantly snapped shut. “Thanks Peter. I’ve got it from here,” I told the doorman, carefully wrapping my fingers around Ava’s upper arm. “Ava. We need to talk.”

         Only once we were in the building, out of the doorman’s earshot, did I allow her to speak, “Master! I’ve missed you.”

         “Ava. I’m your master no longer.”

         The color drained from her face, lower lip quivering. “I don’t understand.”

         “I slept with another, I know you know this. I’ve betrayed your trust. You deserve better than a man who cheats on you.”

         Her palm connected with the side of my face. I staggered back, the sudden blow taking me off guard. I deserved it. Hell, I deserved far worse than a simple slap to the face. Ava instantly regretted it, moving as if to hug me. I placed a distancing hand between us.

         “It’s over between us, Ava. I’ll have someone deliver your things. You’re never to come here again, understand? I can’t have you showing up like this. People will begin to talk.” I thought for a moment, leaning forward and placing a kiss on her forehead. “I wish you all the happiness in the world, Ava. I hope you find a Master worthy of you. I wish I could be that man for you.”

         A single tear rolled down her face. “You bastard,” she cried out, turning on her heels and rushing from the building before I could say another word. I watched her leave. There was nothing more to be said between us. Knowing that fact and accepting it were two completely different things. Ava and I had been through much together. Despite my growing attraction to Caroline, it was still hard to say goodbye.

         Heading up to my loft, I began dressing for the party. Ben hadn’t said if there was a dress code or anything, but I assumed it would be formal. I slid into a three piece suit and tie, adding a pair of black dress slacks to it. All in all, it took me about three hours to dress.

         I glanced up at the clock. It was only six o’clock. That left me three hours of time to kill before the party. Stomach rumbling, it dawned on me I hadn’t had a good meal in two days. My body needed food. Heading back downstairs, I nodded at the doorman, yet again, before climbing into the limo I’d summoned for the night. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to show up with some style, perhaps impress Ben a bit.