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Author Spotlight: Sylvia Hubbard

Author Name: Sylvia Hubbard

Introduction Of Who You Are:

Sylvia Hubbard knew she’d wanted to be a writer of romance long before she knew there were black writers in the world. Weaving stories magically as a summer pastime to writing stories to get through the humdrum of school, she was able to create something from nothing.

Today, she has independently published over 40 high suspense romance books, is the founder of Motown Writers Network and The Michigan Literary Network, CEO of HubBooks Literary Services, runs over five blogs on a variety of subjects, part-time host of The Michigan Literary Network Radio Show and is a happily divorced mother of three children in Detroit, Michigan.

“I’m no superwoman,” she states with a smile that seems infinite on her lips. “I’m just being an asset in the world instead of a liability.

Considered an addicted blogger by HoneyTechblog.com, nominated and recognized for her literary work in the Metro Detroit area, referred to as “A Literary Diva” by Detroit City Council and donned “Cliffhanger Queen” by her readers, she finds solace in speaking and educating on a variety of topics.

Her subjects range from Social Media, Internet Marketing, Creative Intimacy, Single Parenting, Blogging, E-Books, Publishing (all aspects i.e.: writing, publishing, marketing & promoting online & offline), and personal triumphs with inspiration mixed in.

Never a disappointment, Sylvia Hubbard, has spoken in front of thousands all over the United States and Canada.

Stuff About You:

Where were you born/grew up at?

As my bio states I was born in Michigan and grew up In Detroit. Westside (because it makes a big difference - we're real particular). I love this city and the majority of my novels are based here.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Watch movies. All movies and any movies. I binged on every subscription service available and I love it!

I still collect DVDs of movies that I really like. Shhh, do not tell my husband. I sneak them in the house and hide them.

How to find time to write as a parent?

I had three small children when I started writing and it was so difficult trying to write a love scene while dealing with them. It wasn’t that I didn’t love them. I did. I loved being a mom. but I loved being a writer even more and I felt awful for feeling like that for a while... and then my mom told me the best advice. “Raise your children around your life, not wrap yourself around your child's life.” It’s an odd piece of advice, yet little by little I started showing them I did love writing, but I still could be a good mom and if they loved me like I loved them, they respected my writing time…

Yeah, there were days I wanted to walk away from being a mom and once I did when I had a nervous breakdown and if it hadn’t been for my own mom, I’d had really checked out on life, but I got back on the horse and kept mommying, kept writing and kept working.

I taught them sign language so they wouldn’t cry, I taught them patience until I was done with the writing. I taught them how to act in public and endure book signings, writing meetings and being at book fairs so we could make some money, I could enrich myself and make their lives better. Honestly, it’s never gonna get easy, but the journey’s going to get a little comfortable once you learn this advice.

This is your business. So go do it! Success will come.

Stuff About Your book(s):

What inspired you to write this book?

In today's growing trend to be Beautiful, I wrote this book to show we're looking for Beauty all in the wrong places. Additionally, I took a real situation of what really happened to be an added "what if" I had turned around, gotten into a strangers car... what would have happened.

Those two combinations together created Beautiful and lead to the exciting journey Madison went on.

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?

The majority of all my books have what I call Companion books. In Beautiful, there are several sub-characters that have their own stories that are completed or Works in Progress. At the end of reading Beautiful, the reader can see the list and what books they need to grab or go to my book page at


What is your favorite part of this book and why?

When Madison really accepts her beautiful with Jamar and Jason.

You'll definitely have to read this scene and know why.

Section 3: Stuff About Writing/ Reading:

How long have you been writing?

My mother knew I was a writer before I knew. I used to lie to her when I was little (about six or seven) - very horribly and after a whopping to my backside, I would have to write my lies down and then I come back and read what I had written. My self-discovery was that the lie always looked so much better on paper and soon lying because little to null while storytelling increased more and more. Due to my mother, she made my pain my passion and I love her for that.

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?

I actually do a small amount of research prior to starting the book. I expand the research as I'm creating the story. For beautiful, I started researching DNA splicing, because this was Madison's job. And as I went into the book, I had to research grant processes, DNA research, plant DNA makeup and so forth. It was very detailed and getting into the linguistics of her job was exciting and difficult at the same time.

The advice I would give new authors?

Never be a one hit wonder. Keep writing publishing and marketing. If it’s in your head, put it on paper. Don’t care what others think or say, just know you were given a story to help others. You never know who needed to hear what you have to say, but it was vital to them, which is why you were given the message.

Publishing and Marketing is hard. I will be honest with you. After 19 years in the business, the blood sweat and tears will always get harder even though the technology is making it easier. Enjoy the highs and work through the lows, but in the end, know you will love the legacy you leave the world.

Author Name: Sylvia Hubbard

Email: sylviahubbard@gmail.com

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